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Campurritos (Breakfast Burritos)

July 22, 2014


1 Payson (34)

Making Campurritos is a fun and different meal to have while camping.  Besides, doesn’t everything taste better in the mountains!

Chelsie was a Happy Camper!!

These Campurritos were prepared a few days before going camping and put in the freezer.  We put them in the frig the night before to thaw out.  They made for a fantastic breakfast!! Quick and Easy with no mess!

1 Campurritos (4)

Sausage – Eggs – Steak – Peppers – Onions – Cheese – Hash  Browns – anything you like.

Prepare all ingredients at home and lay out in an assembly line.

1 Campurritos (5)

Have each person mix all the ingredients they want  in a bowl and mix them up.

1 Campurritos (6)

Fill tortillas.

1 Campurritos (10)

We added a slice of Anaheim chili on top! Yum!

1 Campurritos (9)

Fold up, tucking the sides in.

1 Campurritos (8)

Wrap in foil and mark.

1 Campurritos (1)

Campurritos can be put right on the grill or in a tin pan. (Easier to just put on the grill.)

Takes about 15 minutes or so to heat through. Turn from time to time so they don’t burn on one side.

Serve with taco sauce or salsa.

FREEZE AHEAD:  Campurritos can  be made ahead and frozen.  Take out and thaw the night before.

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