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Fruit and Vegetable Bags

August 9, 2012



Have you ever tried these?  I won’t go without them!  When these first came out in the store I questioned them and really wondered if they really worked.  One day I saw them at the “Dollar” store and figured I would try them.  They are wonderful!  I have found that fruits and vegetables stored in these bags stay fresh about 3 times longer than in a regular plastic bag.  As soon as I get home from the grocery store, I pack the fruit s and vegetables in these bags and I have stopped throwing away old wilted produce – totally worth the dollar I spend on them!

How they work: Always Fresh bags remove ethylene gas to prolong the life and freshness of the produce.  Most fruit and vegetables release ethylene gas after harvest.  Exposure to the gas accelerates aging in fruits and vegetables.  Unlike ordinary plastic bags, Always Fresh bags breathe so that damaging gases produced by the fresh produce are removed.  Bags minimize moisture formation and inhibit bacteria growth, maintain fruits and vegetables at their peak.

I buy this brand because they are available st our Dollar store.  I am sure any brand of this type of product would work the same.



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