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October 5, 2012

This is the easiest salsa you will ever make!  I was so excited when my friend Anita introduced me to this amazing bag of goodness!  We love homemade salsa but chopping all those peppers and onions is too much work.  After trying this salsa, you will never make the other kind again.  Mrs. Wages salsa mix can be found with the canning supplies, or in the produce department during canning season.


1/2 cup vinegar, apple cider or white

1 bag of Mrs. Wages Salsa mix

Prepare your tomatoes as you would for canning. (Instructions in this blog are listed under Vegetables — Tomatoes – Canning).

If you like your salsa chunky, cut you tomatoes even bigger than shown above.  I found it best to squeeze as much of the juice out of them before starting to cook them.  This cuts down your cooking time.  The bag says to use 6 pounds of tomatoes.  I weighed them after I squeezed the juice out.  I have used between 7 pounds and 11 pounds of tomatoes and it doesn’t really make a difference.  The 11 pound batch is a bit more mild than the 7 pound batch.  I just used what I had at the time.

Put tomatoes in a big pot.

Add 1/2 cup of vinegar, either apple cider or white.  I tried both and it really did not make any difference in the flavor.

Add Mrs. Wages seasoning bag.

Simmer down until you come to the consistency that you prefer.  (On the back of the bag it says to cook it for 10 minutes.  That was way too runny for our liking.  I ended up cooking it for about 1 1/2 hours.)

Place in clean pint bottles and process 40 mins.  (Instructions in this blog are listed under Vegetables – – Tomatoes – Canning).

Let bottles sit until they seal.  Mark with date.

ENJOY !!!!

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